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Tennis and Yoga


The U.S. Open is in full swing this week. This time of year always reminds me of how often I am NOT playing tennis. I rarely play because I don’t know anyone who plays. I am also not that good of a player so I do not feel comfortable finding a partner on one of the online tennis sites that matches you with a partner in your area, and potentially playing with someone who has a higher skill level than I.

There is a court near our house that has a cement wall on one side where you can hit balls against it and practice your forehand and backhand. I tried it on Labor Day. I was alone at the wall for about 15 minutes and then a guy came and shared the space with me. I admired his great control of the ball and told him so. He said you can have better control if you move closer to the wall and hit so I tried that. He then told me I should practice only my forehand for a little while, and then only my backhand for a while. I did that for a few minutes while he watched. He then pointed out that I was using the wrong grip, and tried to correct me. This then led to him giving me tips on maneuvering my body to get in better position to hit on certain sides.

The man, Adam, is a former tennis coach, which I had suspected. He was extremely friendly and helpful, and he practically gave me a free lesson! The whole experience reminded me of how much joy I get from chasing the ball and trying to hit it. I will definitely be returning to that wall to practice.

Later in the day I attended an outdoor yoga session next to the Potomac River at Jones Point Park in Alexandria, VA. The class was held in the grass next to the Jones Point Lighthouse. This was our view.


I loved every bit of being outside in the warm air, so close to nature. At one point we were lying on our stomachs, resting and silent, when a flock of ducks flew near us and over the water, quacking. The session ended a few minutes before the sun set Рperfect timing! I felt so relaxed afterward (even more relaxed than I have felt after attending an indoor nighttime yoga class), and I slept very well that night.


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