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Great Falls



Did you know that something this awe-inspiring existed in the Washington, D.C. area? OK, maybe you already knew and I was just the latecomer to the party. 😉

I had always wanted to visit Great Falls Park when I moved to Virginia, but it took 3 years until I finally visited. I have been there a few times since and each time I notice something new.

On Sunday we went back to the Maryland side of Great Falls, where you can take a tour on a boat on the Chesapeake & Ohio Canal. We were too late that day to take a boat tour, but we walked a bit on the trail next to the water.


I think this scene was my favorite.


Here’s a view of it from a different angle.



This picture was taken a little farther downstream where you can start hiking on the Billy Goat Trail. I got pretty close to the edge of a cliff to take this shot. Those are kayakers entering the water from the Virginia side of the Potomac River.


It was a hot day but I feel like being around the cool water helped us forget about the heat.



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